Whole Systems Integrated Care
Case Study: Whole Systems Integrated Care

Client: NHS North West London

Whole Systems Integrated Care is a complete shift change in the NHS.  NHS NW London is one of 14 pioneers in a pilot to change the model of care for targeted populations.  The objective of WSIC is to make the local health economy preventative rather than reactive.  For example, the funding that is currently allocated to Acute Hospital Trusts will be re-directed towards community enterprises so that elderly people are cared for in their community rather than in expensive hospital beds.

The challenge for WSIC is to agree a capitated budget with all the providers of health and social care services in Brent.  The health and social care budgets in the region will be pooled and held by a separate entity, which will allocate care co-ordinators to GP surgeries.  These co-ordinators will produce care plans with the patients and their families and will share the plans will all providers so that individual needs can be recognised and resources allocated.

We are currently producing the Outline Business Case for Brent and will move on to Full Business Case production in summer 2014.  WSIC will be introduced in Brent in April 2015 as a pilot scheme.

Tasks include:

  • Agreeing the Vision for Brent, defining the target population for the pilot (over 75s with one or more long term conditions)
  • Agreeing the desired outcomes
  • Developing a Model of Care for the pilot
  • Agreeing the capitated budget for the first year
  • Designing the new governance structure
  • Defining the IT requirements